Principal : Dr. V.S.Srinivasa Murthy

Dr. V.S.Srinivasa Murthy has obtained Master of Technology in IC Engines & Gas turbines and Doctor of Philosophy in the area of Mechanical Engineering.He attended Several National and International conferences and presented research papers of high academic quality. He attended workshops organized by IIT Madras , IISc Bangalore etc.

Under his visionary leadership KSRMCE is rapidly progressing to achieve the dreams of its founder chairman to be an institute of Excellence in Technical Education in the Economically Backward region of the State of Andhra Pradesh. He was instrumental in developing dynamics laboratory, I.C. Engines and Heat Transfer and measurements laboratory of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

He was Chief superintendent of exams (internal) for two years and also cite as chief superintendent of examinations(University) for two years. He was transport In-charge for many years. He acted as a chairman for the technical session in the international conference ICON ICE 2007, held at JNTU,Hyderabad.

Dr.V.S.S.MURTHY,M.Tech., Ph.D.

Principal, K.S.R.M.C.E.

+91 98852 30680, Email: